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VmWare Etka 8.2 Free For All

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VmWare12 Etka 8.2 Algeny Free For All

Size 37GB total, 15GB archived (4 parts WinRAR) MEGA linк (updated!).

Etka 8.2 International by Algeny, dated 2021-10-13, including updater
Etka updater is ANONYMOUS registered (limited version), dont use VINs from FSGT, price set to RUS. Works until 31.12.2022.
To get FULL updater license with FSGT, TRNPICS and PRICES, email Algeny (see the contacts in the updater).

There is NO online decoding of VIN-codes! To decode VIN files online, you need to use the registered version of the updater and connect to prepaid 3rd-party services.

Update 2021-10-13:
-Audi u1419
-Seat u945
-Skoda u951
-VW u1419
-Commercial  u1419
-Price u256

Etka need to be updated every week.  If you don`t update a long time, software will not starts until be updated, and update takes a long time.

Thanks and Reputation are wellcome!

Main Screen:
[Image: 1-Main.jpg]

Program Versions:
[Image: 2-Audi-version.jpg]
[Image: 3-Seat-Version.jpg]
[Image: 4-Skoda-Version.jpg]
[Image: 5-VW-Version.jpg]
[Image: 6-Commercial-Version.jpg]

Program Work:
[Image: 7-Etka-Main-menu.jpg]
[Image: 8-Group-Select.jpg]
[Image: 9-Part-Number-Select.jpg]


Thanks and reputation are wellcome!

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Thanks given by: Admin , 2pac4u , robbie_fe , audi13 , Autogru , Perdiesel

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Thanks given by: bookini

bookini Online
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Virtual Machine is fully updated! Added Etka 8.2 Algeny with limited registration!
Thanks given by: Admin

bookini Online
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Virtual Machine program data and prices is updated to version 2021-10-13 !
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