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Activation / keys - ODIS Service, Engineering

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Activation/keys - ODIS Service, Engineering

ODIS Engineering 12 - $25
ODIS Engineering 9.2.2 - $15

ODIS Service 6 - $25
ODIS Service 5.2.7 - $15

New versions woks on Win x64 and without a virtual machine. It will better to install on Win 10 x64 Pro with the last updates.

To install ODIS you need to use original system images from Microsoft. If you update ODIS-E to ODIS-E 12.2 need to change on the license.dat:

#HW-ID 2.116.820.1.113700.100=axxxxxxxxbxxxxx

#HW-ID HwId=axxxxxxxxbxxxxx

When reinstalling Windows on the same hardware, your launcher/key can be used many times (without repeated requests for the launcher/key, provided the following conditions:
  • The same hardware (laptop)
  • User Name recorded during the initial installation
  • The name of the laptop recorded during the initial installation
  • The name of the "C" partition from the initial installation.
For other situations, you need to order a new launcher/key.

How to activate the programs:

Need it? Write to me for details.
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Added thу video how to activate both ODIS and how to reinstall Windows and use the same keys.
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Added information how to change the license.dat file if you updated ODIS-E to 12.2 version.
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