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Man Cats II - 2017 Win 7 Best Ecutech Version Acronis image

marjan47 Offline
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Man Cats II - 2017 Windows 7 - 32bit Best Ecu tech Version Acronis image.Very easy and fast to install on clean HDD on almost every Laptop.Unlimited installations.Need min. 120gb Hard Disk Drive Classic or SSD.
Work with DPA5, SCANMATIC and VOCOM 1 unit.All included, Mantis,Manwis,Immo Tool and Ecu reprograming software.Work with current date, not need to change date.
Workshop in diagnostic software work with all languages....Automatic ignition controlled by software, All unlocked and full activated developer mode.Ready to work

The best Man Cats II final version 2017 in the world, the most stable and the fastest version with original DLL pack files different from other version.Best Ecu-Tech version.....up to date.

I will give you also hardware modification on DPA5 units for most stable and strong K-line connection and MAN to OBD2 cable schematic wiring diagram. to make easy and cheap your own OBD2 cable with working K-Line and Can Bus lines.

Please serious peoples who know what they are buying.Thanks

Price 300$ for unlimited installations, you can write to my PM for any questions.

Of course part of the money go for support Automotiveforum.net
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