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Navistar Diamond Logic Builder 2021 (crk) for sale DLB Level 3

pprgunchik Online
Junior Member
Program version: 15792
Database version: 369
[Unlocked Level 3 mode]

Contacts: first contact in PM, next only in Telegram (I'm not support communication methods like emails and other messengers).
Price: 600 usd for 1PC keygen activation. 70 usd for 1PC program activation.
Payment: cryptocurrencies only, Bitcoin BTC is recommended

Rules and Information:
1.First you make a payment, then you get all the content and follow the instructions to get activation for keygen.
2.After activating the keygen, you will be able to generate activations for the program.
3.Sales on the forum pm are not allowed, only in Telegram!
4.I do not know how to work with the program and I am only responsible for installation and activation!
5.Hwid software and key generator cannot run under virtual machines like VMWare (copy protection reason).
6.Each client will receive an individual version. Distribution or sale of activations or other parts of the release in other public places (including the Automotive forum) is prohibited.
Violators will be blackilsted.
[Image: sshot-63.png]
Thanks given by: Omar1971 , amrilyes

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