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Mercedes Vediamo Video Course for Beginners + 100 Gb base of files

aleksey-ms Online
Mercedes Vediamo Video Course for Beginners + 100 Gb base of files

This course was translated from the Russian version because some pictures can be in Russian, but audio in English.

What will do you know:
  • You will easily navigate the program interface, clearly understand the purpose of each item.
  • Learn what CBF and CFF files are and why Vediamo is based on them. Learn how to pull them straight out of the Star Diagnosis system.
  • Learn how you can diagnose a car directly from Vediamo, without using DAS or Xentry.
  • You will learn how to access encodings, and you will be able to change a huge number of parameters in control units.
  • Learn how with the help of Vediamo you can reprogram control units for different software versions.
  • Having studied the most basic points, you will get an excellent basis in order to independently, with awareness, conduct your own experiments.
What files inside:
  • CFF
  • CBF
  • SMR-F
  • ODX
Price: $65
[Image: video-course-vediamo.jpg]

Need it? Write to me to discuss the details.
  • BMW - ISTA E-Sys
  • Mercedes - Xentry HHTWin Vediamo Monaco
  • Porsche - Piwis
  • Activation Launch
  • Volvo,¬†MAN, DAF, Cummins, and¬†others
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